Arís statement to BIPOC artists and our theater community.

ARÍS in the Time of COVID-19

Fighting Words image
Left to right: Lauren Boyd, Joanna Daniel, and Kristin Storla in "FIGHTING WORDS". Photo by David Carlson.

In response to current events regarding cornoa virus and COVID-19, Arís has made the decision to postpone our upcoming production of Fighting Words by Sunil Kuruvilla. We are saddened by, but certain of, the need for this decision, and we are hopeful that the precautionary actions we are taking now will allow us to move forward as soon as possible. We are working to identify and secure alternative dates for this production, and we will keep you informed of the new timeframe when we have it.

One of our core ideals is community — the community of artists that form the core of our company, the community of actors, directors, designers, and theatrical technicians we have the joy and privilege of working with on our productions, the community created by our audience as they share our passion for the work we do, the Atlanta theatre community that we are proud to call home, and the wider community of this great city where we all live. Community drives us to always consider the impact of our actions on others, and the choices we make about how to conduct ourselves as members of each of these communities is consistently a determining factor.

So in light of the risks associated with large gatherings at this time, it was not a difficult decision to postpone our spring production of Fighting Words. We are, as are our sister theatrical companies, concerned for the health and safety of our artists and audiences in this time of great uncertainty. So, for now, take care of yourselves and your families, and look forward to the time where we can all come together again to share our stories. We’re sure there will be lots to tell!


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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the theatrical and literary traditions, mythology, and storytelling from and about Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England to Atlanta. Aris presents full productions and staged readings of contemporary and classical plays. We celebrate annual events such as Burns Night and Bloomsday. We participate in other events that feature the literature, poetry, and music of the British Isles. Aris is committed to breathing fresh life into timeless classics as well as introducing our audience to the work of new and emerging contemporary playwrights.


Arís performing at The Celtic Christmas Concert in 2013