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Arís returns to Irish Fest Atlanta with a sneak peek of our shadow: CINDERELLA, the panto! Learn about this fascinating and traditional theatre form, but beware..."He's right behind you!!"

Coming This Winter: Atlanta's First Panto!

Cinderella: A Christmas Panto

Arís has championed bringing celtic works to the Atlanta stage for ten wonderful years. This year, we offer a Christmas tradition from across the pond that is sure to have you grinning, tapping toes, and shouting, "HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!". That's right, prepare yourself for a Christmas Panto, the first of it's kind , as far as we can tell, in Atlanta theatre history.

Karl Harpur's hilarious script starts with a story most of us are familiar with: the girl in the cinders neglected by her family who, one fateful evening, loses a shoe but gains a prince (with the help of her fairy godmother!) What we may not be familiar with is a Christmas Panto. Celebrated all over the British Isles and Ireland, the Christmas Panto follows a series of traditions that include:

  • * A well known fairy-tale (in our case, Cinderella)
  • * A "Dame" or even two (actors in drag)
  • * Audience participation ("He's right behind you!")
  • * Song and dance (yes, this is a musical!)
  • * Very local flair (this will feel like an Atlanta story)

You don't want to miss this Atlanta premiere, which we think might become a tradition all it's own.

CINDERELLA: A Christmas Panto runs December 15-23 at The Academy Theatre in Hapeville. Tickets available soon.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the theatrical and literary traditions, mythology, and storytelling from and about Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England to Atlanta. Aris presents full productions and staged readings of contemporary and classical plays. We celebrate annual events such as Burns Night and Bloomsday. We participate in other events that feature the literature, poetry, and music of the British Isles. Aris is committed to breathing fresh life into timeless classics as well as introducing our audience to the work of new and emerging contemporary playwrights.

Maggie Beker (Gwendelen) and Tamia Fair (Cecily) in "The Importance of Being Earnest", 2022. Photo by Jessica Fern Hunt.