Written by George Costigan — Directed by Julia North — Set and Costume Design by Isa Shaw-Abulafia
Performed by Winslow Thomas

Trust Byron

Winslow Thomas as Lord ByronJust like its namesake, the evening is Mad, Bad and full of insights, thoughts and queries that are indeed dangerous to know. The show is a provocative and intelligent look at the present, and perhaps the future, through the eyes of a savage mind from the past. It's funny, edgy and sexy, downright challenging at times, taking us back through the life of this flawed, passionate and indeed extreme human being. The stories are wonderful, the wit sharp and the romantic ghost who hits the stage fearless of approaching almost ANY subject. Whilst exploring the man's life, the piece's ambition is to reach for the same truths Byron was after, the ones that are just as valid in 2013 as they were in 1813. How would the modern westerner enjoy and benefit from a couple of hours in the company of this world-famous, hedonistic, modern, ravenously-bisexual, revolutionary, gorgeous, talented, brutally-honest radical libertine? In the world we live in? - Surely that question answers itself.

Byron is BACK – on one good leg and t'other, to give YOU his truth.

An Evening With Byron – Dare it!

(Caution: he'll expect to cause offense)