"The Artist Man and The Mother Woman" by Morna Pearson

June 4 through June 21, 2015 at Georgia Public Broadcasting

When Geoffrey discovers that art teachers are off-the-charts sexy, he finally decides to go in search of a wifey, which doesn't sit well at all with his doting mum. Morna Pearson's play gives us a savagely funny glimpse into the surreal universe of a spectacularly dysfunctional mother/son relationship, with a Scottish accent.

This play is not appropriate for young audiences.

(Pictured: Joanna Daniel and Doug Graham. Photography: Jessica Fern Hunt.)

Cast & Crew

Joanna Daniel
Doug Graham
Dan Reichard
Jessica Fern Hunt
Mandi Lee

Kathleen McManus, Director
Jim Walsh, Stage Manager
Erin Hodges, Assistant Stage Manager
Joel Williams, Designer