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An Earnest Arís Update!

The Steampunk RECALIBRATION of The Importance of Being Earnest is complete! The gears are grinding anew and we want to let you know about three important new cogs in our machine!

The Importance of Being Earnest

Cog 1: New Venue

Cog 1We are moving the show to the lovely Academy Theatre in the charming city of Hapeville. The theatre is surrounded by delightful restaurants (which make for a memorable evening of dinner-and-a-show), and boasts free, safe, and easy parking! Thanks to all at the Academy Theatre for their fantastic welcome and for being such wonderful hosts.

And you can get your tickets right here!

Cog 2: New Dates

Cog 1We have new dates. Our show runs for TWO weeks only, so don't sit on your brass , or you'll miss it!

Jan 7 - 16 with previews - Jan 5 & 6

Cog 3: New Cast Member

Cog 1A hearty welcome to Dan Reichard, who will now be playing the role of Reverend Dr. Chasuble. Here is our highly attractive cast:


And how can you help get this engine in gear?

Gear 1.   Support live theatre.
Gear 2.   Bring a friend.

See you in January!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the theatrical and literary traditions, mythology, and storytelling from and about Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England to Atlanta. Aris presents full productions and staged readings of contemporary and classical plays. We celebrate annual events such as Burns Night and Bloomsday. We participate in other events that feature the literature, poetry, and music of the British Isles. Aris is committed to breathing fresh life into timeless classics as well as introducing our audience to the work of new and emerging contemporary playwrights.


Arís performing at The Celtic Christmas Concert in 2013